Electricity market

The European electricity supply market has been wholly open to competition since July 1, 2007. This has allowed companies and individuals the free choice of electricity supplier. In France, the Commission de Régulation de l’Énergie (CRE) is one of the official bodies that ensures adherence to market regulations.

The opening of the electricity market

In France, as in the other European Union countries, the electricity supply market has been wholly open to competition since July 1, 2007. This initiative, which started at the community level in 1996, forms part of the larger plan for European energy , bringing together:

Security of supply,


sustainable development.

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Regulatory authorities and market regulation guidelines

To fully open the market, businesses involved in electricity production, transmission, distribution and supply had to be separated. In mainland France, only businesses associated with electricity transmission and distribution still operate as a monopoly. Government authorities are responsible for the opening of the competitive market. France’s regulatory authority on energy, the Commission de Régulation de l’Énergie (CRE) ensures the smooth operation of the market.

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Network Tariff

Public electricity network managers such as ERDF make investments to guarantee the development, proper usage and operation of the network, as well as electricity distribution. The Tarif d'Utilisation des Réseaux Publics d'Électricité (TURPE - French Network Tariff) was established to finance their business and allow them to maintain and modernise the network. This tariff is one part of consumer electricity bills.

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ERDF manages the public electricity distribution network
accross 95% of metropolitan France.